These are some of my favourite websites. I have been Googling like crazy to find our as much as possible despite it being too soon. I still have a lot to research, but for anyone who wants a start on the exciting stuff, have a look at some of these sites.

London Town – London Areas

A guide to the best areas to live in London. Listing from A-B of the most popular suburbs and why. So if you have an idea of where you want to go, for instance Chelsea which seams to be a regular pop up for me, I find this snapshot of info:

Football is traditionally a working class sport, but an ordinary fan of Chelsea FC earns around double the national average income, a statistic that tells you everything you need to know about this fabulously wealthy riverside neighbourhood. Two long high streets, the ..

Not exactly what I want to be surrounded by though, so maybe I should look for a suburb decorated with galleries, cafes and parks?

Zoopla and Foxtons and now Right Move

Looking to rent or buy, it’s good to use a variety of property sites to broaden the search results. These are my favourite two.

And to help narrow the search, use this safety guide, listing suburbs in order of expense and safe rating London Setup.


Before we get there and get the opportunity to settle in, we need quick accommodation at a more affordable price, compared to a hotel. We aren’t sure how long it will take to get settled, and I’ve had a few recommendations for airbnb. So far, the properties have been good and I’ve started sending requests to a few. Will continue to do so, but it is looking promising. It is either that or hostels… not happening.

TNT Magazing

For general information on all things London, this is POP resource, keeping me up to date. It also has interesting advice on moving to London. Don’t be scared of the “gossip” and “news” formatting of this site, explore it for some tips.


This is another helpful website. Take a look at the name and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Topics such as ‘Best Places to Live’, ‘UK Visas’ and links to Job sites, legal services and all sorts, all feature on the site. It is a one stop shop for those starting the move or at least starting to think about.


And of course for a Tier 5 visa, I’ll be using the GOV.UK site. It’s a really easy to follow site, giving you eligibility in dot form, requirements and prepares you each step. Definitely recommend using this, as at least a guide to the Tier 5 Mobility Scheme visa.


What are your thoughts?

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