Published Love

Love Series

My short three part series on the modern interactions of young women with love, romance and desire.

Unpublished Love was my plea to two woman to let me write their stories. I since convinced a third.

Although, in no relation to moving to London, I wanted to chronicle how women with a traditional and multicultural upbringing from Sydney explore 21st Century relationships. This has helped in my own personal development and growth, which is essentially what this blog has become.

Passion and Light
Passion and Light

Part 1: The Fire
An interoffice affair between a young strong headed woman and an older, irresistible man.

After two years of fighting an attraction, with heated words and intense rounds of teasing, the two collided in a sweet moment, hidden away between a closed door in a long hall. Only to lead to fiery encounters. Moments so intense all there is to do is blush.

And of course, we await to see where this leads. Will they move this romance beyond the four walls of their office?

Update available here: Combustion – fire keeps burning. But does love have anything to do with this?

The Sweet. Starting from a corner on  page, leading to  story of romance.
The Sweet. Starting from a corner on page, leading to story of romance.

Part 2: The Sweet
A slow growing love between two friends who thought they lost their chance a long time ago.

After five years of should they, shouldn’t they moments they have finally taken the next step in their relationship. Opening the door to something greater than friendship. But not without experiencing misplaced affections and unfortunate obstacles.

*Spoiler: Making it official only after publication of The Sweet.

The next chapter is here: Ride or Die – I’m selfish, but I love you.

I see the cracks. I know there is more to be seen.
I see the cracks. I know there is more to be seen.

Part 3: The Plan

A convenient rendezvous here and there between the emotionally unavailable.

Or so they make it seem. If anything, it is an examination of how a once seemingly and stereotypical “good” girl has become open to a world she’s only read or watched on screen.

There is no end here yet, but my question, is will she cave to the guilt she doesn’t seem to feel, or realise who is being used here?

I probably have a hard time with this, because I am conflicted. I’ve never known her to be this way.

Not every story ends well: The Kiss, realisation can be harsh: Love my smart mouth. She quit.

Stretched into something over years.
Stretched into something over years.

Part 4: The Tradition

Sometimes it’s better to look back. It may even be better to follow in the footsteps of those before you, because they may just be the ones to show you how good and right tradition is. But what if this new age of love and romance doesn’t suit the old?

It’s a shame, because we know how this story ends. With a forever.

Enraptured. Enthralled. Hopeful.
Enraptured. Enthralled. Hopeful.

Part 5: The Enthralled

I get to be hopeful here. No matter how this pans out, I’ll be grateful for this experience and these feelings. The joy I feel and the excitement I have for my future.


What are your thoughts?

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