About Bridge to Ben

The Intention

The Bridge to Ben is a website dedicated to the journey that will take me from my life long home in Sydney, Australia to London in the UK.

I’ve got a million and one questions floating around in my head right now. One in particular being whether there is a forum, website or blog dedicated to moving across the world, or specifically to the UK. There isn’t any that I have really come across that strike a cord. No where to answer my million questions all in one concise form.
But I’m asking them right? So maybe someone with similar aspirations is asking as well. Maybe not. But here is my chance to help the next hopeful traveler.

I plan on chronicling my journey and hopefully answering some things. I also get to share one of the most important experiences of my life and by doing so on The Bridge to Ben I am immortalising it in some way. Keeping it forever and making each step sacred.

The Bridge to Ben is not only here to help other hopefuls, it’s here to help me remember the other important questions: when, what, where and most importantly why.


The Reality

Since it’s conception a year ago, I have come to realise, that this little blog serves one real purpose. To document my growth. The intention, was as above, but as it is, I started to ask more than “which bank” and “where to”. I started to question myself and as such began writing about my change. My self discoveries and realisations. About the people around me and the more than ridiculous and often boring life that I live.

The Bridge to Ben is about more than moving abroad. It’s about me and the shift in my soul.

Fruity and fluffy. I know.


What are your thoughts?

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