Bec – the closest thing to a best friend 

Bec is a wonderful person who doesn’t realise she is wonderful. She tries to be tough, but regardless of whether or not she is, she has a beautiful soul and a curious heart. I sometimes worry about her, I know she gets restless and can over think, but at the end of the day, she will always come out ok. She doesn’t need to stress herself, but I know she does. I just wish she saw herself the way I see her.

Honestly, we probably do frustrate each other, but we’ve been together for so long, that we know well enough when to back away and when to stick by each others sides like glue. When we need it and when I need her. She really is a wonderful soul and I’ve seen it first hand. Our friendship started from her kindness. Something pure and beautiful, so I will always make room for her in my life. I will always care for her.

She doubts herself, but I hope she knows, I never will.

Jay – scares me and makes me smile all at once

This is the guy who sees right through you. Well, me. If anyone knows when I am hiding, moping, avoiding or just being a right pain, it is definitely this guy. And boy do I ever try to avoid him at times. Not because I don’t love and cherish this guy, but because sometimes – most of the time, I don’t want anyone to know what I really am thinking or feeling. He makes that impossible.

It is because of his persistence and his blunt nature toward me that makes him such a wonderful friend. He truly is always there when I need him. But I’d like to be able to see him more, during the times when life is good and I don’t need a shoulder or distraction. Life has definitely gotten in the way at times, but we will always share an unbreakable bond. We had an unconventional start, where we met through his partner at the time, but when all was said and done, Juls and I made it through.

He is now so ingrained in my life, I break every time I give him news about my departure or trip. I want him to know it is going to be equally hard for me in leaving him behind. But it is not forever, and he has his beautiful girlfriend who is as wonderful as he is. I want them to always smile.

Kevin – aka Tank and my alter ego

Kevin is my male equivalent. He gets me thoroughly but holds on the drama and the harsh reality. He is more into subtle approaches or flat out jokes about the situation so you-I feel comfortable and less shit about it all.

We can talk about ANYTHING, which was proven very recently. He now knows my dirty secret and I hope he knows I want share any of his. Even the smaller ones are safe with me.

Kevin and I met at university, at a time when making friends stick and turn into the life long variety. I truly believe we are in this together. We share so much in common and bond over such simple things as food, comic heroes and our future aspirations.

I want nothing more than to grow old with these people.



What are your thoughts?

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