Chris – My sister and hero.

The minute she came waltzing into my room that Sunday morning in Canberra was the minute I knew without a doubt that I was moving to London. She inspired me again and drove my enthusiasm home. I knew when she told me she wanted in that I would be safe and I would survive.

Caroline – My cousin and partner in crime

This girl is my wake up call. When I fail to see reason, when I lose myself in pity or when I go mad she is the one person who will smack me up side my head with a gentle word and a swift kick.
The first person I call when bored and whenever I’m in the mood to concoct a hair brain scheme. I can always rely on Caroline to laugh all the way home with me after. As she says

“We can pull it off. This is us!”

Vic – My baby brother and sometimes my protector


He may be my little brother, but he certainly doesn’t think it. I sometimes wonder who really is the older one out of the two of us. We only have a year and four months between us, so it is easy to forget. He is taller, fractionally, and steady. I think we look after each other equally if anything, just in different ways.

Because of our closeness in age, and the fact that we went to the same university and did the same course, at the same time, we get along well. He is my friend. I will happily go to a movie, dinner or just anywhere with this guy.

I wish he were willing to take this adventure with us. Saying goodbye even for a brief amount of time is going to be hard… mostly because he won’t hug me.

Mum – best friend, doppleganger and confident

This woman drives me mad almost always, but I miss her more times than not. We fight with the passion that runs through her Italian veins but we make up just as quickly because thats what best friends do.
I feel all sorts of guilt when it comes to this beautiful woman with one of the most purest, kindest and genuine hearts anyone has known. She takes too much mess from me and does so much for us all. I hope one day I will resemble her in more than just looks. Maybe than she will know my love and appreciation for her.

Dad – I am my fathers daughter

The one thing you need to know about my father and I: we are exactly the same. We may not always agree, but we almost always do. We get it. We joke like kids, fist bump at the most inappropriate times and laugh hysterically at his jokes. I am a huge fan of this man and his dad jokes.

He is the reason I work hard and push myself to achieve more. I’ve been inspired by his dedication to his family and career. All I do and am is a reflection of his hard work in raising me and instilling tradition and value into my life.

Having said that, both he and my mother are partially behind my decision to move across the globe. I’ll miss then but it’s time to “figure me out” without a safety net.

My Angels

These are the little ones who just keep coming and making me fall in love all over again.

They frequent my story telling, because they are beautiful and completely overwhelming. So much of my time now is dedicated to cuddles and silly grins.

More to come for all.


What are your thoughts?

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