This is me really…

A little bit confused. Very restless. Always hungry.

I have the bug. The desperate desire to spread my wings and travel. I’ve been to a few continents and experienced a number of amazing places, but the world is huge and wants to be seen.

I am looking forward to moving to London for more reasons than one, but the fact that it is a hop and a ferry from the rest of historical Europe has probably got to be the real draw card. Being from Australia, as amazing as this beautiful country is, I know how it feels to be isolated, so I can only imagine the stamps I am going to be able to collect in my passport very soon.


Tea Time
I am an avid tea drinker. I drink it black and I drink it in excess.

I’m not easy though. Don’t get me wrong, I am also a tea snob. I like my Earl Greys to be organic and my Traditional Afternoons to be Twinings. But most of all I like my Green tea to come in a tin and Safari Love tea to come as it is, flower buds and all.

There is nothing better than a tea on a Sunday. Unless it comes with dessert…

I have also recently started struggling with a new found coffee addiction. Thank you Nespresso for not helping me kick the habit. I shall continue to try though, but I make no promises.


Art in the Wrong Places
I love to create. I am sometimes over the top but I appreciate art and the beauty created from simply putting pen to paper at times.

I am the sort of person brought to tears by a Monet.

I am also the sort of person who can’t sit still, so I doodle all over my most important documents and file them for the wrong reasons. My work notes and to do lists get the same lovely treatment. My life is littered with rough drawings and sketches of all kind. I have every intention of doing something with them. One day, I am sure.


Vibrant Greys
My favourite colour is grey. I think that is important to share because it says a lot about who I am. A colour preference can be a strong indicator of someones style and attitude. Grey reflects my desire for calm and simplicity. I also think I am pretty boring, which may be emphasised by constantly being drawn to the neutral shade.

Having said that, I am still blown away by the beauty of colour. I love it and can’t get enough when it is so vibrant. When you stumble across something so wonderfully and naturally displayed, like I had in the market at Port Villa, Vanuatu, you really learn to appreciate the world for its beauty and can’t help but slap on the cheesiest grin around.


Fresh Air
The smell of fresh air.

The beach, the sea and blue skies.

Thats what life is all about. It is not just fishing, its taking the time to do something you love, which requires the patience to sit, wait and look around.

Given the option of the city, beach or country, you’d be surprised that I would, without hesitation pick country. Massive fear of spiders and bugs, which makes it almost comical, but I just can’t help but fall in love with the rolling hills and tranquility. Not to mention the cowboys…


What are your thoughts?

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