Five Tips For The Romantic Traveler

What to do and what not to do when traveling.
What to do and what not to do when traveling.

You can be practical about travel, plan and pack sensibly. And of course you should. But hear me out, pack, plan and consider these five tips if you want a memorable and authentic experience. Whether it’s five days away or a year, trust me you’ll be happy you tried.

    1. Smile anyway. I’ve just learnt what the word personable means and it’s not a bad thing. Show the locals you’re friendly and kind, they’ll be left with a positive attitude towards you and your fellows back home. More importantly, they’ll feel inclined to help you out, take you under their wing and show you how to enjoy the world like a local.


      2. Don’t be afraid of the rain. Or the heat! The elements can be off-putting, especially for Australian’s who are blessed with sunny climates, and don’t see the point on venturing out if the weather is less than ideal. Obviously, I get it. There are so many good days, it’s okay to spend a few wet ones or extremely hot ones indoors. Actually, you’re probably better off in doors on the extremely hot ones. The point is, in places like the UK or when you’ve got such limited time abroad, you shouldn’t hide inside. Don’t wait! It’s a bit of wet. Take an umbrella or a waterproof coat and go explore. Or leave both at home and enjoy dancing in a puddle. Worth it!


    3. Don’t enter a field with a calf in it. Trust me. Mama cow won’t appreciate your plight to take photos and coo over her little moo.


    4. Always be ready to try something new. You don’t know what you like until you’ve tried it and you’re traveling to experience new worlds, right? So why wouldn’t you sample black pudding or oysters even if they make you cringe. These are the simplest of suggestions; obviously you could go down the path of daredevil extraordinaire and bungee jump off a bridge in Germany. Brownie points if you do!


Stumble across the unexpected because you took a wander.
Stumble across the unexpected because you took a wander.
    5. Go by foot. For the most part, leave the car behind. You see some pretty spectacular things when you’re roaming the streets of Rome or walking into town. Who knows, like myself you may discover the site where the kings of old were crowned, just down the road from the best coffee stall in London.

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