Running With The Cows

Ever wondered whether you would actually be able to run from that life threatening beast behind you?

Run little Boo. Run.
Run little Boo. Run.

Let me just tell you that without a doubt, you can do it! Adrenalin and power you didn’t even know you had kicks in and your little legs will get you as far away as you possibly can go. For me, that was from paddock to water and maybe a bit further. And thank all that is holy for that! If I can do it, no doubt you can too.

With Drew dragging me behind him, holding on for my dear life, we bolted faster than Usain himself to get as far away from Betsy, the demonic cow, as possible. To be fair she was just protecting her young calf. The one I accidentally spooked. Accidentally!

This is all we got of the cow staring us down as we did a mad dash.
This is all we got of the cow staring us down as we did a mad dash.
Betsy's oblivious besty. I did point to the cow staring directly at us and ask Drew to take a photo. Which is when he snapped a blur as we ran for our lives.
Betsy’s oblivious besty. I did point to the cow staring directly at us and ask Drew to take a photo. Which is when he snapped a blur as we ran for our lives.

In my very naive and excited way, I wanted to get photos of the cows. I’d never been that close. Had we known about the rules regarding calfs and cows, we wouldn’t have even gone through the paddock. I looked it up the day after, to make sure it wasn’t a bull, only to find clear warnings to avoid Cows that look troublesome. What’s worse is it clearly stated “TURN AROUND AND GO BACK” if there are calfs in the field.

How would this girl from Sydney know any better?!

After making it out alive, thanks mostly to my knight in sweaty flannel, I can now say I survived my first ever camping trip. This brings me excessive joy. Not only do I know I can camp, but I can do it in a tent on the ground and do the crazy 6 or so mile (10KM) trek through moors, forest and country side. It was quite simply spectacular. Roughing it and seeing all that green, the wild horses and copious amounts of ancient trees.

New Forest is a spectacular place to start ones camping experience. For a last minute nap in the woods you can’t go wrong for £20, providing a spot under a shady tree and clean communal shower and restroom facilities. Not completely glamourous, but I got through, so I’m sure even a manicured beauty could cope.

I didn’t hesitate putting in as much effort as my experience partner, either. Pitching the tent and pulling it down whilst he was washing up. The only time I hesitated all weekend, was when I found a spider in the car. All bets off.

But once that road block was removed, I was back to full fledged enthusiasm and on the road toward Lymington. This is where I got to experience my second new thing for the weekend.

Car Boot Sale.

Polishing my dazzling jar of nothing.
Polishing my dazzling jar of nothing.

What an amazing thing someone else’s junk can make. I think we spent about £15 and bought a picnic basket stocked with plastics, a map of the world etched on metal, Elvis Presley record and the treasure in all this trash… our £1 country bumpkin/hipster jar of decorative cool.

Armed with some pretty shocking egg and bacon rolls from a van parked out the front and our new state of the art junk, we headed off – straight to the water Lymington. Coastal, affluent and pebble stoned is the best description I can offer. We sat along the dock in the Ship & Co. pub, sipping our coffee and watching a family pull out crab after crab on the dock. If it weren’t for the grey clouds, the day would have been superb. Now not one to let my spirits sway from a spot of bad weather, I enjoyed every last stone, hill and flag lined street.

I did, however have to go home to clean, so that part wasn’t brilliant. But you get on with it.

Can’t wait to camp my way around the UK.


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