Just Visiting

I just kept thinking, I miss home and that’s when I realised where my heart now lies.


Back in April, I flew home to Australia for three weeks. It was something a little bit special for a few reasons. The obvious, the three weddings that took place and the probably more so, Drew came with me.

Going home was not a choice, it had to happen, but I’m glad for it now. Chris and I were both bridesmaids in two of the weddings we attended. I saw my Uncle Sam get married, and felt very blessed to be apart of the day. It was a beautiful ceremony and a very entertaining reception. The bride and groom were both radiant and happy and that’s what counts the most. Also, how many cheeky winks I could send Drew from the top of the alter, without Mum flippin’ it over my inappropriateness. I do turn silly when their is too much love in the air.

Mel’s wedding, well I just don’t think there was a dry eye. I watched on from the seat in the back as I tried to hold it together. That’s when I decided I was a romantic. Clutching Drew’s hand as they recited their vows with honesty and joy, I was sighing and choking up all at once. Then looking up at the man next to me and just realising that who knows, maybe one day…

I also got to witness my cousin Michael get married. I am genuinely happy for both him and his bride. They looked gorgeous and seemed extremely over the moon. Speaking to Michael before the bride arrived, he was more excited than nervous and that’s how it should be. I got to get the full spectrum of weddings in a matter of two weeks. I cherished each, Michael’s for his Assyrian traditions – allowing me to visit my church whilst in Australia for the briefest of times, Uncle Sam for his Catholic ceremony and Mel’s for her liberal touch (which happened to be the most personal ceremony I’ve been privy to).

Once we got the chaos of three in two out of the way, the fun really begun. Funny how you grow up in one place all your life and still things go unseen or known. Of course, I touched on this before I left Australia the first time. I wanted to visit as much of my beloved country as I could, but even so, I went to the places I loved, without truly exploring those that I should honour.

Thanks to Drew, who came to support me, meet my family and see Australia, I got to see it all too. But even with Drew there and us both getting to know and love Australia, I still missed London fiercely, as I recognised it’s true meaning to myself. My new home and place.

Anyway, Australia will always be home as it holds my family and friends, memories and once upon a time, dreams. But I also have a new home. One where I found me. The place that holds my new dreams.

Errrr…back to my trip = it’s best shown through the thousands of photos we took. DON’T PANIC – I cut them down to fewer than a that.

This was the first time I have ever traveled with a partner. I was a bit nervous, as they say it can bring out the worst and show someones true colours. We could bicker and want to kill each other by the end of it. But we didn’t. The whole three weeks was about us growing closer, Drew getting to know my traditional, neurotic and stress head side. Whilst I got to learn how he likes to explore, how well he can get along with strangers and navigate tricky situations. All the while, he kept me as calm as possible. Held my hand when I needed it and let me escape when there was no other choice but to take a breather. As long as he was there, I was happiest. Watching him get along with my mum and humour my uncles. Or holding my shoulders as we sat tense with others. Giving me my first Corsage and making me feel as unique as the flower sitting prettily on my wrist. The whole time I just kept thinking, I’m just a bit lucky.

One lucky girl.
One lucky girl.

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